Christian Directory is a growing Web portal designed to provide Christians and those seeking answers about Christianity with resources, links, Bible study material, a world-wide and local business/church directory, free classifieds, free email and quick message service, online games, puzzles and more. With our companion Web site "3 Angels Freeware", we also provide free software in 18 different categories including Bible, Programming, Internet etc.. Currently, we have links to over 3,200 freeware and shareware applications.

Our Mission tries hard to provide family-friendly content. To do this we have implemented special safety features with the content and resources we provide. First, we personally visit and check each Web site before inclusion in our Directory. Second, we encrypt the email addresses of our Link Partners in our directories in an effort to cut down on unsolicited email to those who list with us.

Additionally, our Web site is monitored 24/7 and has been rated "Safe" from Safe Surf a leading online advocate of family-friendly Web sites. We also provide an on-the-fly translation of our church and business directories in an effort to serve the global community. And, we also provide "dead link" submit forms on every page within the site to provide 24/7 monitoring by those who visit the links within the page. If you find a link on our site that has changed its content or vanished, please let us know using the 'dead link' links at the bottom of each page. Christian Directory humbly began serving the body of Christ and the Internet community in 1997. We have continued to expand and provide spiritual growth resources to Christians and those seeking answers about Christianity world-wide. Click here to read our statement of faith. Click here to read our privacy statement. Click here to receive your FREE GIFT for visiting our Web site!

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